My title

Operations Management? Financial consulting? Internal controls? Navigating Accounting and Compliance Regulations?

Most businesses struggle in at least one of these areas.

Funny thing, these are our specialties and we partner with business owners to:

  • Make your business processes more efficient
  • Turn your accounting system into something providing valuable management information — helping you run your business
  • Ensure there are adequate internal controls to reduce organizational risk
  • Navigate complicated regulatory requirements such as B&O Taxes in the State of Washington

I knew I needed a more diverse platform to help all families needing parenting support. Not all families can afford Parent Coaching. So I consulted Sarai Childs to help me set up a non-profit entity. This process was far more complex than I was able to navigate. Within a few months, my business was licensed as a non-profit in the state of Washington. This license helped me to raise funds so that I was able to offer scholarships to families in need. The process of working with Sarai Childs was straight forward and professional. Her knowledge of accounting as well of the state process was second to none.

~ Liann Smith

Establishing a new and successful business

I have hired Sarai for roles in four different companies. Sarai is efficient, hard working, smart, detail-oriented person who is truly gifted at getting the right things done… and doing them well.

As opportunities present themselves, Sarai is on the short list of people I would reach out to for open positions.

~ One Accord Capital

Repeat Client